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When I meet with you should I already have my plans or can you help me with choosing a plan?

It's great if you already have your plans and if you need to make changes we can help you with that as well. If you don't have plans yet, we discuss what you are looking for inside and outside and all aspects of the building process. Afterwards we will help you find the right plan using several resources.

What will it cost per square foot to build my new house?

The interior and exterior of any house as well as any extras a client would want; will affect the price per square foot. For that reason each house varies in the cost per square foot. After meeting with you and finding out what specifically you are looking for; we can give you square footage price. We have tools we pass along to you that will make the "choice process" easier and personalize your new home. 



How long will it take to build a house from start to finish?

Depending on the size and design of your house the building time will vary.  Approximate building time is usually six to eighteen months. However, after we take a look at your plans and make any changes you want we can give you an approximate time frame. Of course we have no control over Mother Nature and the weather which is a factor in approximating the building time too.


Who will oversee the building of my house?

Tim Phelps, who is the General Contractor.


Will you build on a crawl space or a slab?

We do both based on your personal preferences.  A basement is also an option based on location.


Can you tell me about the structural integrity of my house?

We typically build above NC code to insure your house is structurally sound.  We also offer several options to make your house stronger and more energy efficient. We frame 16-inches on center throughout.


What type of windows do you use?

We typically use double hung Pella, Jeldwen, Atrium windows. You will make the final choice after our discussion.


What type and brand of paint do you use?

One of the higher quality paints by Sherwin Williams


Do you provide landscaping?

If you would like landscaping included in your contract price we will give you landscaping companies’ names to contact and meet this or find out or landscaping needs and give you a quote.


Will you work on a time and material bases or give me a contract price?

Typically we do a contract price b/c we will include everything you asked for and there will not be any hidden surprises.  However if you would like to work on a time and material bases we will accommodate you. 


What if I want to make a change while I am building? Is there a charge for that change?

Usually there is a charge, depending on the magnitude and amount of the changes. If it is a very insufficient change when we do a change order for you to sign but waive the fee (ie: changing the paint color before painting has begun).  We recommend making changes during the design process which will eliminate extra charges.

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